Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform: Deliver Elevated Experiences Across Every Domain (explainer)

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Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform

Deliver unparalleled assurance across your entire network.

What if you could reduce wi-fi helpdesk tickets by 90%, prevent up to 85% of networking onsite visits, AND make network solution deployments 9x faster? Learn how you can achieve all that and more with Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform.

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You’ll learn

  • Methods to improve the end-user experience

  • How to proactively detect and prevent network issues

  • How to handle workloads now and as your company continues to scale

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:01 imagine a world with no network trouble

0:03 tickets no network outages no downtime

0:06 or performance issues minimal human

0:08 intervention a world where you don't

0:11 even think about the network and it

0:13 delivers an elevated experience to end

0:16 users across every single domain how do

0:19 we get there Juniper's AI native

0:22 networking platform imagine up to 90%

0:25 reduction in Wi-Fi help Des tickets up

0:28 to 85% few networking on-site visits and

0:32 up to nine times faster Network solution

0:35 deployments first it empowers you with

0:38 the right data our AI engine has been

0:40 learning for the past 7 years enabling

0:43 it to understand more with less errors

0:46 so you can navigate complex networks

0:47 with confidence by pulling in realtime

0:50 Telemetry from networking security

0:52 devices from across our domains down to

0:54 the client we can help you see more

0:56 optimize and predict the user experience

0:58 with stunning accurac

1:00 next we Empower you with the right

1:02 realtime response reacting to every

1:05 trouble ticket trying to get root cause

1:07 is a timeconsuming manually intensive

1:11 process especially so with constrained

1:14 resources our AI native networking

1:17 platform keeps a network running

1:19 optimally surfacing issues before they

1:21 impact user experience making you more

1:24 productive Maris a virtual Network

1:27 assistant unique to Juniper proactively

1:31 notifies you when a potential issue

1:33 emerges ask Marv's questions in your own

1:37 words get the simple answers the right

1:40 infrastructure makes this possible as

1:43 you scale so do the demands of the

1:44 network our AI Ops runs on an open and

1:47 modern microsurfaces Cloud giving you

1:50 elastic storage power and high

1:52 performance at scale to handle workloads

1:54 now and in the future the AI native

1:57 networking platform delivers

1:58 unparalleled assurance AI Ops across the

2:01 entire network whether leveraging the

2:03 power of AI for your network or building

2:06 the optimal Network for AI at Juniper we

2:09 make every connection count our AI

2:12 native networking platform assures that

2:14 every connection is reliable measurable

2:17 and secure so every experience is simply

2:21 exceptional for operators and users and

2:24 your

2:27 business

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