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Ensure the best end-to-end operator and end-user experiences

Our AI-Native Networking Platform leverages over seven years of AI learning to assure that every connection is reliable, measurable, and secure for every device, user, application, and asset.


Right data

We start with the right experience-first questions, answered by the right telemetry and user state data pulled from routers, switches, access points, firewalls, and applications. The Juniper AI-native networking platform is continuously learning and getting more efficient.


Right real-time response

Trained on seven years of reinforced learning, the AI-Native platform turns data into actionable insights. Automated workflows and self-driving AIOps enable issues to be proactively detected and fixed before users know they exist. And Marvis, the industry’s only AI-native end-to-end VNA, helps drive simplicity in operations, while saving time and money.


Right secure infrastructure

Our modern cloud with microservices delivers elastic scale with built-in resiliency, unparalleled agility, and bi-weekly feature updates. Our 100% API-driven platform extends across all Juniper products and to ecosystem partners, bringing network assurance together with zero trust security, automated orchestration, and application assurance.

Discover the AI-Native Networking Platform

AI-Native Networking Platform Diagram

AI-Native makes every experience simply exceptional

Imagine a world with no network trouble tickets, no network outages, no downtime or performance issues, and minimal human intervention. How do we get there? Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform. Find out how the right data, the right real-time response, and the right secure infrastructure result in unparalleled assurance across your entire network.

The best AI for your network. The best network for your AI.

Mist AI

Save time and money with faster time to resolution and fewer onsite visits. Sound too good to be true? Mist AI uses a combination of AI, machine learning, and innovative data science techniques to rewrite the rules of networking.

AI for IT operations (AIOps)

Juniper AIOps delivers the right data-driven insights to accelerate troubleshooting and empower end users with the best possible experiences. Optimize all operations across wireless and wired access, SD-WAN, and security domains.

AI Data Center Networking

Juniper’s AI Data Center Networking is the fastest, most flexible way to deploy high performing AI training, inference, and storage clusters. Quickly build high-performing AI Data Centers with flexibility, simplicity, and ease.

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

Marvis, the first AI-driven virtual network assistant, optimizes user and operator experiences with proactive actions and self-driving network operations. Experience simple and seamless interactions with Marvis.

Marvis Minis

Imagine the network autonomously detecting and fixing problems with no end users required. We’re revolutionizing network management with Marvis Minis, the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin.

Marvis for the Data Center

Marvis is now the first and only AI-native Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) for the data center, giving you end-to-end visibility and assurance across all enterprise domains. One UI. One CI. With Marvis, you can have it all.

Juniper Networks is changing the game with AI. Experts are taking notice.

We’re proud to be widely recognized by leading analysts and industry experts. And while every award is meaningful, our greatest reward is hearing directly from customers about how our solutions are helping create great experiences for IT providers and end users alike.

AI-Native Networking Platform FAQs

What is Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform?

The AI-Native Networking Platform is a unique platform that’s built from the ground up to leverage AIOps. It brings together all parts of the network—across the wired, wireless, WAN, security and data center, with a common cloud and Virtual Network Assistant (VNA), to provide the best possible experiences for end-users and IT operators alike.

What Juniper Networks products are included in the AI-Native Networking Platform?

Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform encompasses the entire Juniper portfolio. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant transforms how IT teams interact with the network across the wired, wireless, WAN, security, and data center. Juniper has the most advanced product portfolio that leverages AI for assured experiences across every aspect of networking, all based on our demonstrable and proven expertise.

What are the main IT use cases for an AI-Native Networking Platform architecture?

  • AI for networking: Leveraging AI for better operator and end user experiences. Juniper offers the industry’s most comprehensive AIOPs capabilities that maximize the predictability, reliability, and measurability of enterprise networks.
  • Networking for AI: Building fast and reliable DC networks to support AI training and inference processes. Juniper’s AI Data Center Networking delivers high performing and scalable networks with unsurpassed flexibility and seamless operations.

How are Juniper customers benefiting from an AI-Native Networking Platform?

From delivering exceptional end-to-end user experiences, to simplifying the operator experience to ensuring experiences drive business value, Juniper customers all benefit from an AI-Native Networking Platform.

For example:

  • ServiceNow saw a 90% reduction in wireless-related issues reported by employees
  • Gap, reported an 85% reduction in onsite tech visits
  • Dartmouth experienced 9X faster deployment speeds.

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