Network automation helps Raiffeisen Informatik accelerate digital banking

Raiffeisen Informatik (R-IT) has been providing professional IT services for more than 50 years - with a focus on servicing IT competence for financial and insurance service providers. Highest quality and security standards are crucial for digital transformation and the use of innovative solutions. The broad portfolio of Raiffeisen Informatik successfully meets the growing business demands. The highest possible availability of services, fail-safe infrastructures and a solution-oriented and agile corporate culture are crucial for success as an experienced data center operator.

Data center network automation helps Austrian IT service provider Raiffeisen Informatik do more for its banking and insurance clients.

Raiffeisen Informatik continues to advance digital innovation and sustainable finance practices to improve the customer experience and speed-up operations.

To increase business agility, Raiffeisen Informatik, the full-service IT service provider for banking and insurance clients, modernized its data center network with Juniper. 


Company Raiffeisen Informatik
Industry Technology
Products used Juniper ApstraQFX5120QFX5210
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

Faster to deploy data center fabrics

Maintain team size while increasing service footprint

Tackle complexity and avoid human errors

Gain insight and information as never experienced before


Think differently about data center fabric management

Raiffeisen Informatik recognized that a software-defined data center would provide a strong foundation to support the dynamic needs of its banking clients. That agility goes hand in hand with automation, which simplifies operations at scale.

Automation also alleviates pressures from the IT talent shortage.

“The main driver for network automation was people,” says Ernest Altbart, IT architect at Raiffeisen Informatik. “There are fewer and fewer experienced network engineers, and the obvious way to mitigate the scarcity is to deploy automation to the highest extent possible.”

Shifting to intent-based network design and operations—and continuously validating those outcomes—would allow Raiffeisen Informatik to scale its customers’ digital banking and insurance solutions.

Raiffeisen Informatik Challenge

Shift to intent-based networking to scale services

Juniper Apstra allowed Raiffeisen Informatik to shift to intent-based network design and operations.

Juniper Apstra automates the design, deployment, and operations of the Raiffeisen Informatik data center network to increase agility and efficiency. The IT team started with the outcomes it wanted and let the Apstra software set up the fabric. Raiffeisen Informatik chose Juniper QFX Series Switches for the underlay network, delivering high throughput, scalability, and the open programmability of Junos OS.

“At first, our seasoned network administrators were a bit skeptical about automation,” says Altbart. “But when they saw the number of parameters to achieve the resiliency and scalability of EVPN/VXLAN fabrics, they knew management needed to be fully automated.”  

Apstra continuously assures that the fabric is running as intended, even as conditions change. Apstra alerts the operations team to brownouts or deviations from expected outcomes, which speeds time to resolution and raises operational efficiency.

Raiffeisen Informatik Solution

Increase agility and efficiency to meet client needs

Raiffeisen Informatik views digital transformation to improve the customer experience, drive operational efficiencies, and support sustainable finance initiatives.

With Juniper, Raiffeisen Informatik can continuously change and optimize its data center fabric to deliver network infrastructure services faster and with greater agility to support its clients’ non-stop operations and business growth.

Automating management of the data center fabric not only frees up IT staff from time-consuming manual work, but also allows more focus on strategic work, which is key to attracting and retaining technical talent in a fiercely competitive market.

As a multivendor solution, Apstra fits with Raiffeisen Informatik’s preference for the flexibility of open architectures.

“One objective of the data center refresh was to become vendor-independent,” says Altbart. “However, we found that adding Apstra to Juniper switching was a perfect match, which changed our strategy.”

Raiffeisen Informatik Outcome
“With Juniper Apstra, we can automate each aspect of the design, deployment, and operation of our data center fabric, allowing even smaller IT teams to be more responsive to customer needs.”
Ernest Altbart IT Architect, Raiffeisen Informatik

Published March 2022