Public Cloud Security

The migration to public cloud is accelerating rapidly. Juniper makes cloud security easy by securing the cloud consistently, and at every level: between applications, within workloads, and across environments.

Juniper offers validated threat protection, granular access control, and follow-the-application policies so that no matter which cloud they’re in, applications are always protected. Accelerate public cloud adoption with simple deployment, consistent security, and unified management. No matter your cloud situation, we can support you.

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99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received an “AAA” rating in CyberRatings’ 2023 Enterprise Network Firewall Report, demonstrating a 99.9% exploit block rate with zero false positives.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper lets you move some or all of your workloads to the public cloud securely. We offer a full line of cyber defenses, including next-generation firewall products and services, validated threat intelligence and prevention, and unified, follow-the-application security policies that remain in effect regardless of whether apps are on-premises or in the cloud.

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Policy consistency

Simply create a policy once and apply it across any application and environment, or multiple, simultaneously.

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Cloud workload protection

From on-premises to cloud, Juniper is able to protect your applications within code against exploits, including OWASP top 10 and runtime attacks.

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Automation and advanced threat protection

Easily leverage advanced protections across any cloud environment.

Customer Success

Banca di San Marino Safeguards Financial Assets with Unified Cybersecurity

Perimeter security alone is no longer enough to keep sophisticated cybercriminals at bay. To comply with new banking and data privacy regulations while maintaining the security of more than €200 million in total assets, Banca di San Marino turned to unified, adaptive cybersecurity.

Discover 283% ROI with Juniper Connected Security

Check out the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Juniper Connected Security report to learn more.

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