Powering connections with innovation

At Juniper, we innovate to provide network experiences that transform how people connect, work, and live. Discover how we create solutions that power the connections that matter most. 

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Solving real-world challenges

We believe that connectivity brings us closer together while empowering us to solve some of the world’s greatest health, sustainability, and equity challenges. Regardless of the mission, networks connect teams of people with each other, information, processes, and tools so they can innovate faster and more efficiently. 

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We know that to sustain growth, you need more from us, whether that’s better network performance, improved experiences, or greater agility. We’re responding with innovations at all network layers to provide sustainable scalability and reliability, simplify operations, and deliver security that stays ahead of cyberthreats. 

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Customer experience matters across all industries, businesses, products, and services. Juniper network innovations transform how people connect, work, and live. We simplify the network for our customers so they can focus on creating new, differentiated service experiences for their own.

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The need to care for our planet is a unifying force, and Juniper is innovating with the environment in mind. We deliver efficient, automated, scalable, and secure networks that reduce network-related carbon emissions and provide responsible end-of-life product management. 

At Juniper Networks, innovation is more than what we do. It’s a part of who we are.

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Juniper Beyond Labs

Explore how Juniper research and engineering teams, in collaboration with an ecosystem of partners, are innovating to shape the future of networking, our industry, and the planet we call home.

Our Innovation focus

We showcase our innovative spirit through a broad portfolio of patents and industry-leading technology that span key networking solution areas. 

5G and Wireless

Juniper 5G and wireless access innovations enable people, devices, and software to access the network with greater agility.

AI and ML

Juniper AI and machine learning (ML) innovations provide actionable network insights that operations teams use to automate and optimize their networks for greater performance, resiliency, and security.


Juniper automation innovations simplify Day 0 through Day 2 operations, provide greater visibility into network performance, and enable faster response times to customer requests and issues when they arise for a more efficient and reliable network.    


Juniper Connected Security leverages the entire network to safeguard users, applications, and infrastructure from client to cloud applications. 

Routing and Switching

Juniper routing and switching innovations deliver sustainable, efficient networks that scale with greater agility. Our solutions span optics, ASICs, the Junos operating system, traffic engineering, network services, telemetry, virtualization, and more.

Cloud and Data Center

Juniper cloud innovations boost reliability, service agility, and security while reducing network complexity from the centralized data center to the RAN edge. 

The Latest

Innovative ideas


Open evolution of 5G networks

5G infrastructure deployments have seen a big push toward Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN). In this eye-opening video, Raj Yavatkar, Juniper SVP and CTO, and Marc Rouanne, Dish Wireless EVP and CNO, discuss Open RAN’s importance to 5G growth. 


Open RAN management

The Open RAN architecture provides huge advantages for 5G operators. In this video, Juniper’s Raj Yavatkar talks to Rakuten’s Sushil Rawat about his company’s Open RAN vision. 


SASE and Beyond

The proliferation of remote workers has exacerbated network security challenges. In this video, Juniper GVP of Security Business and Strategy Samantha Madrid and Juniper VP and Chief Information Security Officer Drew Simonis discuss how the secure access service edge (SASE) helps.