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Is this the end? Toronto city council strips Rob Ford of several mayoral powers

Posted on : November 17, 2013 |



Rob Ford has lost several mayoral powers, after Toronto city council voted on Friday to rid him of “the ability to appoint committee chairs and manage the city in emergency situations,” among others (MSNBC).

Councillors will vote on Monday whether or not to transfer all of Ford’s power to Toronto’s deputy mayor Norm Kelly, and the mayor says he will file a court challenge to overturn council’s decision.

“The councillors had their say today,” Ford told reporters on Friday. “The taxpayers will have their say on October 27, that’s all I can say.”

(Toronto’s next municipal election will be told on Oct. 27, 2014.)

In his response above, Ford abstained from the kind of foul language that boiled him in hot water on Thursday, when he said the word “pussy” on live television – referencing an allegation that he came onto a female staffer with the same language – and followed it up with, “I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

Ford apologized Thursday afternoon for his comments – with his wife by his side – saying that he was getting help from health care professionals, but also that he would be levelling lawsuits against other former staffers and inner circles members who allege he hosted a prostitute in his office in Toronto and snorted cocaine at a bar called the Bier Market on St. Patrick’s Day.

All this followed last week’s admission from Ford that he had smoked crack cocaine while Mayor of Toronto and that he had done so in one of his “drunken stupors”.

This week, Ford admitted to having purchased illegal drugs while in office.

Prior to Friday’s vote, Ford issued the following statement in city council:

“If someone else steps out of line as I have, it will affect mayors for years to come… I can’t support it.”

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