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Daytime Soaps Are Now Anytime Soaps: Hulu Gets Into Bed with “One Life to Live” and “All My Children”

Posted on : April 30, 2013 |



Soap operas. We started watching them when we were home from school on sick days and snow days. Then we taped them to watch when we got home from school. Then work. Then we eventually became so invested in the characters, they felt like family.

That’s why we’re thrilled and honored to carry on the tradition with the return of beloved soaps “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” with new episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus starting today.

We visited the set of “AMC” recently, and it was comforting to see the familiar faces and places — and plenty of new ones — all of whom appeared thrilled that the show was back. One familiar face we saw was Cady McClain, who plays Dixie Cooney Martin, and we asked her what the fans should expect from the much-missed soap. She immediately expressed her gratitude with the ardent fan base.

“I know it was a long wait,” she told us. “I know there have been a lot of ups and downs. I just want to assure the fans that it feels like another era of golden years for this show. It’s truly the best that ‘All My Children’ is and can be again.”

And it’s because Cady is a fan herself.

“I’m very excited and feel super lucky to be here right now,” she said. “The story and sets are incredible. There are so many surprises coming. I can’t wait to watch it myself!”

We realize that some of you may not be familiar with watching shows on Hulu, which is why we created a video where the stars of the soaps educate you on how to watch the shows on both Hulu and Hulu Plus. Once you view that, it will be just like old times, watching old friends in Pine Valley and Llanview—only whenever and wherever you want. Leave the drama for the soaps.

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